Studio Session Info

Thank you for considering Kaleidoscope Photography to create your portraits

We have listed types of sessions in our studio for general information. Upon booking your session we will provide custom ideas and options to ensure the best results for you.  Please browse our galleries for samples and inspiration.

Maternity Sessions: Thanks to Demi Moore, many women are choosing to be photographed during pregnancy, a special time in their lives. We recommend booking a session during the end of your 7th month, beginning of the 8th  for the best results.  We use beautiful lighting to highlight your belly and compliment your changing body. Flattering poses and soft materials will ensure you glow.

Newborn Sessions: Are defined as up to 10 days old, and sessions can take up to 2 hours, with feeding and caring for your little one.  We create a number of images, from little poses to sleeping with sweet props. We encourage parents to bring in special props you may want to include, a toy, blanket etc. Little hands and feet are captured as well as portraits of the each of the parents holding your little one. 

Babies & Toddlers: Once a baby is older, they have more expressions and can be comfortable in different settings, Toddlers are great subjects and we have a number of props & backgrounds for their sessions. Fun music in the studio helps them get in the groove!

Children: Once your child is older, don’t forgot to capture those years too! Many of us are so enthralled when they are younger, but older children are beautiful to photograph and have wonderful expressions you don’t want to miss.

Family: My favorite sessions, I think it is because coming from a large family with 5 kids, with very busy parents we never had a “Professional Portrait “ taken, and I would cherish it today if we did. During your session, we also take all the family combos, kids alone, kids together… Clothing is so important for the final look of your portrait, we happily consult with you prior to your session to ensure the best results. 

Pets: We love pets, alone for their portraits or combined with any of the above sessions. We ensure your pet is safe & comfortable. We lock the doors, so they can roam freely and check out the surroundings, fresh water and treats help them feel at home. We have lots of props and toys and encourage you to bring along some of their favourite!

Browse our galleries for samples and ideas !